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Complete management & strategy services

Brand identity consulting and management/strategy services can be very beneficial for individual artists, both visual and performance, as well as small businesses. In today's competitive market, it's important to have a strong brand identity that sets you apart from others and attracts potential customers or clients. Brand identity consulting helps artists and small businesses identify their unique strengths, values, and goals. A brand identity consultant can help an artist or small business define their brand, create custom services, brand messages, and develop a brand strategy that aligns with their overall business goals. Brand management and strategy services involve the ongoing management of a brand's reputation, image, and communications. This involves, monitoring and analyzing consumer feedback, adapting the brand to changes in the market, and developing campaigns to promote and strengthen the brand. For artists and small businesses, brand management can help increase their visibility, build customer loyalty, and create a strong, recognizable brand that people trust and respect. Overall, brand identity consulting and management/strategy services can help individual artists and small businesses stand out in a crowded market, increase their visibility, and build a strong reputation that attracts new customers or clients. By creating a clear brand identity and strategy, artists and small businesses can achieve long-term success and growth. Additional services include: Professional Communications Package – email & phone corrospondance – web services




We meet to conduct a complete analysis of the business. We use this information to craft a written Creative Brief for the project, and discuss goals/timeframes.


Our teams collaborate to translate this written Creative Brief into various and distinct visual or practical paths to take, refine goals, establish timeframe.


Our creative & management teams begin testing initial designs strategies in-line with the chosen Stylescapes or strategies.


Our team expands these visual concepts into final brand identity or continues management/strategy services until set goal or timeframe established.

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