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Visual symbols that represent brands.

The logo & brand design process typically begins with an informative session—Discovery—between the designer and the client to discuss & reveal the company's values, tone, mission, target audience, and overall goals for the logo & brand. This initial meeting is an important opportunity for the designer to gather information and get a sense of the company's branding needs and preferences. This is then consolidated and refined to create a Creative Brief. ​ After the initial meeting, the designer may create mood boards or brand Stylescapes to explore different visual directions, and solidify into one path. Stylescapes are collages of images, colors, and text that help to convey the overall aesthetic and feel of the brand. ​ Once the designer has a good understanding of the client's needs and has explored a range of design options, they can begin prototyping the concept sketches of the logo themselves, or handoff to another designer more experienced in the chosen particular visual path. Prototyping is the process of creating digital concept sketches that may be rough, or even hand-drawn ideas that are then refined and developed into more polished designs through revisions until the final design is approved. Optional services may include formal Brand Guidelines, Tagline Services, Typography Packages. Free logo formatting for life(changing of size or file-type).



We meet to conduct a complete analysis of the business including goals, challenges, customers, and brand attributes in a multi-hour discussion. We use this information to craft a written Creative Brief for the project.


Our teams collaborate to translate this written Creative Brief into various and distinct visual paths to choose from.


Our creative team begins prototyping initial logo designs in-line with the chosen Stylescapes. Revisions follow.


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