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Photo/video/live-show production content.

Photography and videography play a crucial role in documenting events, both small and large. They provide a visual record of what happened, allowing people to look back and remember the details of a particular moment or occasion. In the case of important events, such as weddings and graduations, photography and videography allow people to share the experience with those who were unable to attend in person. In the commercial world, photography and videography are important tools for marketing and promoting products and services. High-quality images and videos can help to attract the attention of potential customers and showcase the features and benefits of a company's offerings. In addition, they can be used to create promotional materials, such as advertisements and social media posts, that help to build brand awareness and drive sales. Beyond their practical uses, photography and videography also serve as important forms of artistic expression. They allow individuals to capture and share their unique perspectives and emotions with others. Whether it be through candid snapshots of everyday life or carefully composed works of art, photography and videography provide endless opportunities for creative expression. They also allow people to preserve personal memories and share them with future generations.




This is the planning stage of the creation process. During pre-production, we come up with ideas/script or outline, gather any necessary resources (such as props or locations), and assemble a team (if applicable).


During the production stage, we begin filming/shooting. We may also need to set up lighting, microphones, and other equipment to ensure that your project is quality.


After filming/shooting has wrapped, we will look over the files, and edit it to create a cohesive final product. This may involve compositing with additional sources. Once completed, clients receive a link or files depending on the application.

Commercial video projects.


  • Music Videos

  • Events

  • Promotional

  • Advertising


Portraits, Events, Product and more...

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