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A Historic Leap Forward: The 11th Street Underpass Project Begins

Moorhead, Minnesota – The City of Moorhead embarks on a groundbreaking journey to enhance its urban landscape and improve the quality of life for its residents with the commencement of the 11th Street Underpass project. This monumental initiative not only stands as the largest public transportation project in Moorhead’s history but also symbolizes a significant stride towards a unified and prosperous future.

In a remarkable show of dedication and community support, Senator Amy Klobuchar participated in the groundbreaking ceremony, marking a pivotal moment for the city. Reflecting on the event, Senator Klobuchar shared, "After two hours and five minutes of sleep 😴 post-budget vote and some lucky Delta connections I made it to Moorhead! We broke ground this morning on the 11th St. underpass, a long-awaited project utilizing federal and state funding. Enough train 🚊 delays! This will improve public safety and better the city for decades to come" – a statement that underscores the critical importance of the project to the community at large.

The collaboration between the Minnesota Department of Transportation and the City of Moorhead aims to tackle the long-standing issue posed by the BNSF rail lines which dissect the city, causing frequent delays and safety hazards. By introducing two underpasses at 11th Street, the project promises to significantly reduce crossing blockages, thereby enhancing the safety and mobility for vehicles, bicyclists, and pedestrians.

After a brief snowstorm early in the week, postponing the start, road closures and detours that will shape the initial phase of the project have begun. According to the City of Moorhead's announcement, "The 11 St Underpass Project is about to begin and detours are kicking off, with 1 Ave closing between 10 St and 12 St, and 11 St shutting down between 1 Ave N and 2 Ave N. Don't worry – traffic will be rerouted to 14 St N, 4 Ave N, and 9 St N (see the map)."

This ambitious project will not only improve traffic flow but also aims to enhance pedestrian and bicycle routes, ensuring ADA compliance and promoting a more accessible urban environment. The underpass is designed to deliver a multitude of benefits, including sidewalk improvements, utility replacements, and new traffic signals, embodying the city's commitment to a safer, more integrated community.

The City of Moorhead describes the underpass initiative as "years in the making," a testament to the enduring efforts and collaboration of various stakeholders. The city highlights the project's broad benefits, stating, "The benefits of this project will unite the community and reinvigorate the economy through a safer, more connected, and equitable transportation system, improving mobility and economic outcomes in Moorhead, Clay County and the State of Minnesota."

For Moorhead residents and all interested parties, updates on the project’s progress, staging information, and detailed maps are available on the MN DOT website under the "Hwy 10, 75 - 11th Street Underpass Project."

As the 11th Street Underpass project unfolds, it stands as a beacon of innovation and community enhancement, promising to redefine Moorhead’s landscape for generations to come. It is not just a construction project; it is a step towards bridging divides and fostering a more connected, efficient, and vibrant city.

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