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M.A.C, Aka Regal, Charts His Musical Journey on Fargo's Hip-Hop Podcast

Fargo, ND – M.A.C's return to premiere hip-hop podcast, SpacePod TV, is laced with nostalgia as he reminisces about his Season 1 appearance. He recognizes the growth of both the podcast and himself, while also giving a shoutout to the Crazy Talk podcast, which originated at SpacePod Studios before relocating to Cash Fam Studios in late 2023.

M.A.C, aka Regal, a hip-hop artist, is featured in a podcast studio setting during an appearance on "SpacePod TV." He's casually dressed, wearing a baseball cap, sunglasses, and a graphic T-shirt, exuding a relaxed yet confident demeanor. The studio environment includes professional audio equipment, suggesting a serious discussion about music and culture is taking place. The "ON AIR" sign indicates that the recording is live, capturing an authentic conversation likely filled with insights into M.A.C's experiences in the hip-hop industry.

M.A.C reflects on his musical beginnings, starting to experiment with rap in 2016 and seriously pursuing a career by 2018. This transition marks his dedication and evolution as an artist, shaping his path in the hip-hop industry.

The artist delves into the history of the stage name 'Regal,' originally a group, and how M.A.C currently holds the title. Throughout a close partnerships, joint financial ventures, and the eventual split due to life's complexities as noted by, " gets wack," illustrating the challenges and changes in his musical journey.

M.A.C highlights his work with director X3P and emphasizes his willingness to support local music community. His collaborative nature underscores his commitment to fostering a supportive artistic community. Additional people like N$G's founder M.I.C have always showed support along this journey and M.A.C continues looking for opportunities to get involved.

M.A.C performing on stage at the Aquarium in Fargo, ND.

The discussion touches upon M.A.C's planned release schedules, reflecting his disciplined work ethic. His strategic, continuous planning for music releases demonstrates his serious approach to establishing a lasting career in music.

M.A.C candidly speaks about the challenges of not only dealing with shady industry gate-keepers, but also promoting music on social media in this digital age, where his posts often get overlooked or labeled as spam. This struggle underscores the complex relationship between social media and artistic promotion in today's digital landscape.

Watch the full podcast on SpacePod TV. Listen to more from M.A.C on YouTube HERE.



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