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"Hell Was Boring" Ignites ND Music Scene

Updated: Jan 24

Durow rapping at his Album release party at Proof Distillery in Fargo, ND on December 1st, 2023.
Durow rapping at his Album release party at Proof Distillery in Fargo, ND on December 1st, 2023.

BREAKING – Rising from the vibrant beats of Minot, North Dakota, hip hop artist Dakotah Poitra, known by his stage name Dakotah Faye, has dropped his latest album, "Hell Was Boring," to critical acclaim and growing streaming numbers. Officially released late October, physical copies flew off the shelves at Orange Records in Fargo and Budget Music & Video in Minot, a testament to the magnetic pull of his music and a marketing campaign that could teach the big players a thing or two about buzz creation.

The raw energy and honesty of the album reflect Dakotah’s personal journey, as hinted at in his Facebook post discussing the trials that led to the album's inception. This is a body of work that eschews blandness for the thrill of the ride, with tracks like "Glorious" and "Your Call" underscoring the artist’s growth and the transformation of past struggles into art.

Dakotah's trajectory in the streaming world has been nothing short of spectacular. With around 12,000 streams and 1,000 listeners on Spotify last year, he has skyrocketed to nearly 40,000 streams and almost 11,000 listeners this year alone. It's clear that his message and music resonate, finding a foothold in the hearts of a rapidly expanding audience.

The album release is celebrated with not just one, but two dynamic concerts. The first, held on December 1st at Proof Distillers in Fargo, featured electrifying performances by Dakotah, DJ Affilination, Jantzonia, Durow, and Cold Front. The event was a feast for the ears, with Dakotah Faye performing his album in full alongside beloved covers of Nelly and Eminem, proving his versatility and stage prowess.

The excitement barrels on to the Original Bar in Minot tonight, December 2nd. For a mere $5, attendees will experience the full force of the Money Stackz ensemble, with performances by DJ Cali, Cloud Scott, Durow, Cold Front, and Stuart James, capped off with Dakotah Faye himself. As the show kicks off at 9 PM with DJ Cali spinning the decks, it's clear that Dakotah Faye is not just a musician but a movement, galvanizing the Magic City with his lyrical prowess and the community support that uplifts him while he reciprocates, as noted in a front page article from the Minot Daily News.

In a world where every stream and ticket sold is a nod of solidarity, Dakotah Faye’s "Hell Was Boring" is a beacon of hope, a soundtrack to resilience, and a clear message that in the face of life's challenges, not only can we survive, but we can also thrive with a bit of rhythm and rhyme.

Stream the album now HERE.

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